Message to the Countrymen

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• 60 yrs of Independence and still 98.9 crores of our people languish under stark poverty and deprivation. NSSO (National Sample Survey Organisation), Ministry of Statistics, Govt. of India has also corroborated this.

• Our research has found that
“Roots of our failure lie in the ignorance of our system. The country therefore must necessarily be run through professionals and experts like a large corporate house to make optimum use of our resources and involve the people of India, so that all can reap the benefits of development in a dignified way".

The road map to the above philosophy begins from city centres, blue prints of which are available in the book Crusade India.

• Our concept of City Centres in total conceptual contrast to SEZs and Retail Chains shall transform our nation and make our people naturally wealthy and prosperous.

• Crusade India propounds for a Presidential system.

• To make it happen, we are trying to move a PIL very soon for an amendment in our Constitution for the country to be run through professionals and experts.

K C Agrawal
Towards a new dawn
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