What we are

Do you know that after 60 years of independence

- 86% of our people live on or below the poverty line. 68% live under stark poverty and sustain on plant roots or mango kernels or are forced to commit suicide.
- Of this 23% are disabled and 10% destitutes.
- In urban areas about 45-55% people live in jhopar pattis, gutters or construction sites.

In these 60 years we have turned the whole country into a massive ranch where people live like animals.

Present 'India shining and 'feel good' factors are only the outside of the balloon. It too is due to some reliefs government has provided to our entrepreneurs, industries and individuals to work more freely by loosening their earlier noose through DGTD, MRTP, licensing, quotas and other throttles. But the affluence of merely 14% cannot justify 'India shining' and 'feel good' scenario. Basking on the affluence of barely 14% oblivious of the remaining 86% makes little sense.

Large retail sector and SEZs for select few is no euphoria unless we alleviate poverty and educate our masses