Why we are

Causes of our miseries

The basic cause of the above is our irrational and totally illogical system of governance that is built on three basic ingredients.
- illiterate franchise
- ignorant polity and
- novice bureaucracy

The only incumbency of such a system is to somehow appease the masses and keep them at bay. This gave rise to charities, reliefs, mid-day meals, 100 days national rural employment guarantee (NREG) schemes and scores of similar dole-outs. Instead of creating means for livelihood on permanent basis and making our masses worthy citizens of a worthy nation, stand on their own feet and earn their livelihood in a dignified way we have shamelessly dragged them to destitution, illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness. In the name of reservation snatching bread from one and giving it to another is cruelty and a fratricidal act negating the sanctity of our present grossly imprudent system of governance.

Problems of water, electricity and sanitation are always haunting even in urban areas and becoming acute with every passing day. Quality of life for most even in urban areas is indeed wretched and haunting.

Surely after Independence our hopes have been belied and we stand cheated .