What can be done

Mission Crusade India

We guarantee to make our people free from wants and fear from uncertainties of tomorrow. This we aim to do by providing jobs to 100% unemployed within 2 years not by way of gratis, not by way of charity but by doing actual developmental works for the nation. Concisely we shall achieve this in the following manner following the blue prints of prosperity deciphered in the book Crusade India.

- Land management
- Water management


to put a stop on perennial draughts and floods.

- Cleansing and desilting of rivers, ponds and lakes and constructing new ones where needed.
- Building up their banks, set their courses and raise their storage capacity.
- Interconnecting rivers and canals for water deficit areas.
- Increase water reservoirs, to conserve water as it rains.
- Setting up sewage disposal plants
- Constructing roads and highways.
- Afforestation
- Afforest and beautify hill areas.
- Cleaning the whole nation.
- Beautifying the picnic spots and beaches.
- Developing the coastlines for tourism, marine business and exploration of natural resources.
- Restoring and refurbishing our rich art, culture and monuments that have long lost their glory and reverence and are in total wretchedness now.
- Taking demography of the nation on super computers.
- Exercise population control and bring it down to the level of about 60 crore.
- Extensive mass teaching and grooming programs and
- Score of other activities.

All these should be adequate to gainfully engage our entire unemployed force of youth and elderly people. The blue prints to achieve the above are provided in the book 'Crusade India'. It shall make our people reasonably
prosperous in just 5-7 years.

Absolute progress through city centers

The soul of the nation lives in villages and 91% of our population is rural in one way or the other (including migrants to urban areas). Unless the villages are uplifted the country shall never progress and any amount of development in any field shall remain meaningless and this harsh reality we have witnessed in the past 60 years.

We have given the concept of city centers by clubbing about 50-60 villages into one city making a population of about 10 lacs each. Thus about 10,000 city centers can accommodate about 100 crore of our population. Remaining 15 crore will stay in cities. These will not be ordinary cities but amongst the best cities in the world. The basic blue prints are provided in the book.

In total conceptual contrast to special economic zones (SEZs) our idea of city centers is to uplift and urbanise the rural areas through a holistic planning of the nation. It attempts to uplift the masses naturally with avenues created to self-determination and dignified earning. Our aim is to gradually bring them into the mainstream and work together for the absolute growth and prosperity of the nation.
The city centers will have a concept of the city in the center and the green lands, rivers and mountains etc. in the periphery. Each center may be around 50 km x 50 km. These will not be ordinary cities but amongst the best cities in the world. The basic blue prints are provided in the book. They may take about 7-10 years to construct. Since all cities shall be built on similar lines town planning and architectural designs shall be limited to just one city making the development of cities easy and fast.

In this fashion in about 15-17 years from start we shall be ready to rehabilitate our people, disabled and destitutes for all times. Another 5-10 years may be needed to overcome illiteracy, ignorance, backwardness of our people and remove disability and destitution for all times. For details refer the book.

Financing the city centers will be equally Herculean but our unbound development in the first 5-7 years shall generate enough resources that can easily meet this cost. Please see table 12.2 in the book Crusade India.

Governance through professionals and experts

To achieve the above the whole country which is like a very huge family of 115 crore shall necessarily has to be run like a large corporate house to make optimum use of its resources through professionals and experts only as per the management charts provided at the end of the book. As said before our present system is totally illogical, kleptocratic and fratricidal and a total disaster. Like a tree in our courtyards not able to give palatable fruits must be uprooted, so also we must change our present system of governance substituting with the professionals and experts. Let us tell you nothing is above the nation and well-being of the people be it our democracy. No constitution can overlook this basic requirement. If the constitution falls short of this, it either has shortcomings or is not being followed in letter and spirit. If the prosperity of people means an amendment or change of constitution so it be.

We envisage a Presidential system which too is a democratic system on similar lines as USA strictly through professionals and experts only and this we propose to achieve through a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against the system of governance. Let us tell you nothing is impossible if it is for the prosperity of the nation and well being of the people.

Formation of Government

We propose to have it through computers on selection basis as per the management charts provided at the end of the book. The task may be assigned to leading consultancy organisations like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys and Wipro and many others in the field.

In this way and following the blue prints deciphered in the book, we can place our nation amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world in just 20-25 years. We appeal to all the citizens and youth of the nation and NRIs worldwide to join our mission to liberate our people from poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness, destitution and disability. Our society also invites suggestions from all on PIL and reward them with cash prizes as noted. You shall also have the privilege of becoming first citizens who began the movement to reconstruct the nation and providing lasting solace to its perennially suffering masses.

We plan to move the PIL within this year. The membership is absolutely free.