Mission to Prosperity

(A Mission to prosperity of India and the impoverished masses)

Roots of our failure lie in the ignorance of our system says Shri K C Agrawal, an Electrical Engineer and a former Industrialist. Besides Crusade India, he has also written an Electrical Engineering Handbook, a unique book in the global market. 'Crusade India' attempts to explore the ways to strengthen India economically, politically and spiritually and place it amongst the most powerful and prosperous nations in the world in just 20-25 years. He has intensely researched the maladies ailing the nation and has provided thought provoking solutions to the same. According to him, all this is possible, if we are able to make optimum use of our resources and do rural development religiously. All blue prints and road maps to accomplish this are deciphered in his book 'Crusade India'.

According to him as the head of the family is responsible to upbring his children and make them worthy human beings, similarly the leader of the nation is responsible to inculcate good traits in the people and make them worthy citizens. A prudent leader according to him shall take care of the last man on the road and provide him means to a dignified living. Snatching bread from one and giving it to another in the name of quotas or reservations is a mean act and a prudent guardian shall never resort to that. To overcome these maladies, he propounds for a Presidential System run through professionals and experts on the basis of selection like a large corporate house. All management charts to govern the nation are provided in the book. His Society also with the name 'Crusade India' is planning to move a PIL for the required amendment in the Constitution.

Presently ignorants elect ignorants to run the country ignorantly. Instead of an overall development of the country and creating natural means to dignified earning for its people it has led our guardians resort to different kinds of reliefs, charities and handouts like, mid-day meals and 100 days National Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes (NREGS). Our guardians have also divided the communities and societies on lines of caste, region and religion. This has dragged our large masses (86%-98.9 crores) to deprivation, illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness. A matter of shame for any society or nation.

According to Mr. Agrawal, the present 'Feel Good' and 'India Shining' scenario is only outside of the balloon and benefits hardly 14% of our society while remaining (86%-98.9 crores) still languish in the same hardship and deprivation. Since bulk of the masses live in villages, he also advocates for the Gandhian philosophy to uplift the rural areas. He has pronounced a unique idea of City Centers by clubbing about 50 to 60 villages into a large city centre to habitat about 10 lac people and to have about 1000 city centers of this kind in the whole country to habitat around 100 crores and remaining living in the cities. The cities shall also be revamped to one day place the whole nation amongst the most prosperous and shining nations in the world. The city centers, shall not be ordinary cities but amongst the most advanced cities. They shall be in total conceptual contrast to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and retail chains, which benefit only the affluent few constituting hardly 9-14% of the population. Whereas City Centres shall be constructed with a holistic planning of the nation and will ensure upliftment of the 86% (98.9 crore) under privileged naturally.

Mr. Agrawal has also discussed development of the North-Eastern states and solution to Kashmir problem through unification. For details one can refer to book 'Crusade India'.

By K C Agrawal
Author and founder member of Crusade India.