How it can be done

Dear countrymen we have diagnosed our perpetual maladies and have found their cure in a true leadership and a prudent system of governance. And then implementing the plans as discussed. Like the struggle for freedom from feudal system now it is struggle for freedom from ignorant and treacherous system of governance and this we plan to achieve through a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against the system of governance and then execute the plans of prosperity as deciphered in the book


Without a rigid foundation one cannot construct a super structure neither without a prudent system of governance can we construct a prosperous nation. Solution to all problems afflicting our nation and implementing the ideas discussed in the book 'Crusade India' call for establishing this kind of governance first.

We pledge to change the system for a better tomorrow
  • The government of a country is supposed to be the guardians of its people. People look in their government the love of a mother, prudence of a father and ability of a guardian to show them the right path and lead them to prosperity. The basic virtues of a good governance are sincerity, devotion and a will to work with integrity and prudence. There must be an unflinching loyalty and determination to achieve the promised goals. However, what was expected has not happened. The power went into the hands of those who were incapable by their actions and callous by their deeds. It erected a system that eroded human values and character, such that kleptocracy and fratricidal attitudes reigned supreme. Dwindling hopes, defeated morales and depleted strength of the people with haunting uncertainties for the future have become the order of the day. The sacrifice and purpose of the struggle for freedom is long lost. Unemployment is rising and would be rising even more rapidly in times ahead. The youth is worried because of a sprawling bleak and uncertain future before them. The parents are worried for the welfare of their families and future of their children (talking of a common man).
  • We liberated ourselves from the clutches of the British but fell prey to the dictums of our own guardians, their haggard philosophies and the falsely created bureaucracy. We are now under the shackles of our own system of governance and are more caged in than liberated. The system has bled the country dry and rendered it poor, illiterate and backward. This system cannot deliver any good in future also. The sooner we realise this harsh reality sooner we can save our future.
  • People languish miserably in their own country under the rule of their own people.

Let's pause and determine if we should always watch helplessly our system glutting our fortune before our eyes and we only gasp in awe and despair like the timid cats before the monkey! Or arise to thwart away this treacherous system!

We aim at a holistic approach for the whole nation in one attempt to ensure prosperity and well-being for all through an exhaustive planning and control of the whole nation (see the Management Charts at the end of the book 'Crusade India').

Calling for reforms

  • Dear countrymen, please try to understand this message. It means a lot to our nation and the poor we. We are not indifferent neither inferior to any race or culture of this civilized and progressive world. Like indifferent parents our guardians have failed to guide us and show us the right path. But we can always retract and restart. It is never too late. we may not be able to retrieve what we have lost neither provide solace to those who have already laid down their lives due to wants, sufferings and miseries, but we can surely reconstruct our tomorrow as we want - prosperous, happy and healthy for all those living and the future generations. In the book 'Crusade India India', we have shown that we can do it. The course may be difficult but not impossible. It may be long but not unending. After all if we have endured it for 60 years to reach this ramshackled and dilapidated state, we can surely give a few more years to pull ourselves out of it. Let's be determined and get started. Good parents always think of their children; so should we for ours and the future generations. Parents do it happily for their children, we are sure we shall do so for ours.
  • Much has been lost but not all, therefore arise and start here and now, the present available moment, before we lose it again into wilderness. Let us choose a system, that would be worthy, and prudent and capable of eradicating our miseries, poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness and restoring our lost values and self-esteem. An ignorant system that leads us to illiteracy and ignorance must be shunned. A disease not cured timely becomes incurable. Let's change the doctor before this happens. We have seen a dream for all of us and that can be transformed into reality if we are willing. We can build a tomorrow that will have a purpose of our existence and bring us prosperity and dignity.

Presidential system

  • Era of illiterate franchise, ignorant polity and novice bureaucracy has proved disastrous. The present state of affairs of our country is the logical outcome of the illogical system of governance, that we have erected for ourselves. The system must necessarily be run through professionals and experts, be it governance or its administration (legislature and executive). The leader must be a visionary and capable of addressing the whole nation and its entire populace, and not a group or a particular class or a part of it. Snatching bread from one and giving it to another (policy of reservation) lacks humanity and consideration. A true guardian of the family cannot deny food to one to feed the other rather would keep hungry himself and search for avenues to arrange food for all. If we could fight the British Imperialism, why not an evil that is self-inflicted. Let us wake up to accomplish our lost glory and reverence and reconstruct a nation of our dreams, one of the mightiest and most prosperous in the world.
  • Important

  • We are looking for a democracy that can inculcate in us a feeling of patriotism (not partisanship) and love (not hatred) for our brethren. A sense of dedication and sacrifice for a cause - a cause for our nation and its people. We are looking for a system where people are self-disciplined, conscientious and aware of their duties and responsibilities, are courteous and sensitive to the fellow beings, where there is seriousness and concern in whatever we think or do. We want to inculcate an evolutionary feeling in our people, so that one day we are amongst the mightiest nations in the world not by virtue of possessing nuclear arsenals or by not signing CTBT but by our hardwork, actions and deeds.
    - We shall achieve strength through peaceful coexistence practising love and affection for all and our neighbours,
    - We shall achieve prosperity and happiness through our vision, hard work, and
    - Collective utilisation of our mental and physical strengths and nature's gifts to us.
  • The purpose of the government will be to not only control but also inculcate in the people a feeling of love, trust and dignity for all. The government shall work like true guardians of its people. Our rich cultural values that have been torn and mutilated shall be restored gradually. We shall work as one country, one people and one race for a common goal and our goal is to make this country as one of the mightiest and most prosperous nations in the world with no more illiteracy and miseries of lives.
  • We will also form monitoring committees, different committees for different activities (see the three charts in the book 'Crusade India India'). While the President and his select team of executives shall be responsible for carrying out the policies and aims of the government, the monitoring committees shall keep an eye on implementation of objectives, health of the nation and well-being of the people.
  • Monitoring of all activities
    This is just a brief idea which can be developed to arrive at a system that shall be effective and work for the well-being of the people. Knowledge, expertise, professionalism, an intense affinity with the nation and feel for the masses shall be the essential requirements for all in the system either as team of experts with the President or as executive members of the governing and monitoring committees, irrespective of whether they are selected or elected. Representation from all states and its constituencies will be essential to ensure that the interests and aspirations of the people of the land are taken care of. For adequate representation we may select executives from within their respective areas of operation. For example the CEO as noted in the charts to control a city centre must preferably be selected from within a city centre, similarly to control a state from the whole state, while to control at the centre on all-India basis.

    One will notice from the charts that now more local representation will be possible, as for each city centre there will be a number of local experts chosen for different disciplines. There will be about 1000 such centres in the country, besides state level representations. To begin with we can utilise the services of leading software consultants Wipro, Tata and Infosys or any other, to identify the right people. We have enormous plans in mind to engage gainfully the entire educated class of our country from all disciplines. Similarly we have plans for the remaining youth also to be engaged gainfully as noted in Chapter 1.

    It is God's gift that we have brains that are regarded as best in the world in their respective fields. Our present day children are very intelligent and aware of their surroundings. Our youth and children can do anything of the world. We will give them a chance that they have been deprived so far.

Dear friends, we have discussed these issues with different people of our country and most want a change in the existing system of governance so that we can work for the progress and prosperity of the people. The path may be Herculean and tough but, not impossible. And we cannot give up our efforts for the prosperity of the people and good of the nation just because it is tough and may have a lot of hurdles in its way.

The parents of a child ailing with a dreadful chronic disease never give up and keep trying all possible avenues to find a cure one day. Remember the case of the conjoined sisters (Ladan and Laleh Bijani of Iran), born inseparable by brain but wished to be separated in order to live normal lives. Accepting the challenge more than 100 surgeons around the world joined hands and put up relentless research to one day make the impossible happen. And Lo! They almost did it. It is another matter that the sisters couldn't be saved (they died in July, 2003). Nevertheless efforts put in by them is worth praising. Their efforts shall go in the annals of history giving a message "never give up."

Now, it is our turn as the true sons of the soil, to take a pledge for our motherland and pull it out from the sombre clutches of our ignorant and selfish system of governance responsible for leaving our people in the lurch and making them suffer untold miseries and woes of lives for long 60 years.

Our utopian philosophy as some may call it, is no less difficult. But let us not be crippled with the fear of failure. Let us dedicate our mite and be assured we shall achieve our goal for the good of the nation and well-being of its suffering people. A man-eater is eliminated rather than tamed. Similarly, our present system of governance must be uprooted to rid us of our sufferings and woes, leaving us free to progress as we may wish, similar to our demands from British Feudal System during the struggle for freedom. Friends, you have a sprawling future ahead and we have great expectations from you. Please therefore, as the worthy sons of our soil gird up your loins and spread out this message far and wide, and surely we shall do it one day. Nothing is impossible before an unswerving resolution, perseverance and continued honest efforts.

If prosperity of the nation and well-being of the people has ever been in your thoughts then let us endeavor to achieve this. A Society named "Crusade India" has been formed to give shape to the ideas outlined in the book 'Crusade India'. Dedicated experts and professionals, sensitive and responsive to the people's need and willing to join the movement may please join this Society which is free of cost so that "Crusade India" becomes a movement in the country and we together shape India as one of the most powerful and prosperous nations in the world.

We also appeal to all Indians worldwide who agree with our views to propagate this message with all their patriotic zeal amongst all the NRIs worldwide.

Here is a chance to do this.
Let this not slip out of our hands
There is nothing great in living for ourselves.
Live for others and yea,
we will have lived our lives.